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Profile – About Me

I am a keen, self-taught, amateur photographer; and at present I work for Eastbourne Borough Football Club, with which I hold a conference south license. I have numerous photos printed in the Eastbourne Herald and several used by Plumpton Race Course for marketing. I am in my final years at school where I study art, which I hope can take me to many places.

I started photography 7 years ago when my dad received his first digital Canon camera for his birthday, and only being 8 I was intrigued into how it worked and what it did. And ever since then I have become more interested and critical on how to improve my work and become a better, more skilful photographer. Although I am only 15 and just beginning, in what I hope is a long, successful career, I already realise how fortunate I have been to be presented with these incredible opportunities for someone of my age.’

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